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How to Plan a Yacht Charter

Spend your holidays living the dream 

Autumn leaves replace the soft green grass, cold winds paint your cheeks pink, and the only thing keeping you warm is your nostalgia towards sunny summer days. I need to get away, you think to yourself, and finally after gazing at images of the ocean, so rich in amethyst, you decide to treat yourself to something you’ve been dreaming of your whole life: to plan a yacht charter in tropical Thailand.

How do I go about planning a yacht charter? What are the prices?

The first item to check off on your to-do list is the cost of a boat charter. It is important to note that vessels are priced per-boat and not per-person. So, gather your closest companions and plan a crazy adventure, where the sun lights your skin, and where you can leisurely splash into the water. For example, if a boat is listed as 80,000 baht per day and you have 10 people, the total will be 8,000 baht per person per day. Now consider you won't need to book accommodation and there aren't many places to spend your money at sea, this is a much more manageable price!

Try to pay attention to the number of rooms available on the boat, as it is slightly uncomfortable to squeeze in more bodies for the purpose of a cheaper vacation and there’s a chance the yacht’s license will not permit. Before officially booking, be sure to explore whether water, fuel, and taxes are included with the original listed price. Some companies exclude the costs of these extras, whereas sometimes they are included.

Crave dipping into a secretive inlet? Consider booking a catamaran. These boats grant you the opportunity to uncover lucrative lunch locations, or discover prime swimming spots due to their ability to explore shallower waters. They are wider than a monohull yacht and require skill to maneuver. Feel free to ask an experienced captain to hop aboard with you and your friends for a couple of days to show you the ins and outs of the design and mechanics of the boat if you decide on the bareboat option..

Before and after signing your contract

Worried about paying the entire fee upfront? Luckily, prearranged payments are acceptable. The boat you book with will designate dates for when costs are due. Be sure to read the entire contract over before signing and issuing your initial deposit. Questions to consider asking before linking your name to the contract are how the company reacts to problems that develop on the charter on the day of pick-up or when you are amidst the sea. If something goes wrong, yacht companies typically dispatch a speedboat towards where you are, and if you are close to an island, some companies have contacts from nearby landmarks, who will make their way towards you and help fix whatever issue you have encountered.

After signing the contract, take the time to discuss nearby hotels or resorts for your stay before and after your journey. It is common for the yacht company to take the yacht near to where you're staying to ensure a seamless pick up or arrange a driver to pick you up. Establish the ground rules for what will happen if an unforeseen problem hinders the arrival of the boat to your resort. If an issue arises, companies should provide you with a comparable yacht to the one you booked, or possibly a boat of higher quality. You are paying for a calming journey within the splendor of warmth therefore, the possibility of drawbacks are important to discuss and examine with the business before travelling. With this in mind, remember to collect contact numbers from your company, especially a number to dial after work hours, in case a situation were to develop during the later stages of the evening. However, most companies forbid sailing the waters at night.

Included in the contract is information on liability, insurance, cancellation policies, and when you can and cannot sail. Along with the initial deposit, there may be a security deposit, which will be returned to you if you come back without damages to the boat.

What is and isn’t included?

Yachts are luxurious occasions that require budgeting and saving. It is therefore important to know what companies include and what they do not include. First, let’s begin with what is provided!

The standard niceties regularly consist of safety gear, a dinghy, electronics, galley equipment, bedding, and an entertainment system. For those meandering through the coves and archipelagos of the tropics, some boats even provide snorkelling gear. Be sure to inquire about this before taking off from land because the marine life is worth seeing. More expensive boats may even provide paddleboards and kayaks, or you can organise to add these amenities to your trip for an extra cost if they are not included.

Airfare and resort prices are very rarely included in the calculation of the final price. Therefore, booking your trip a few months in advance is recommended for finding deals on flights and  resorts for your stay before and after your vacation on the sea. Budgeting for food, drinks, and other necessities is a worthwhile endeavour, because snacks are always handy to store in the cupboard, and drinks are always needed when basking beneath the rays of the sun.

Every company provides different amenities, so be sure to ask what is and isn’t included before departing on your adventure.

By booking at least six months in advance, it not only gives you time to save and budget, but to plan mini day-trip excursions you will embark upon while sailing the sparking blue ocean waters. Planning a yacht charter is easy to do, especially when you know that in the end you will be spending your hours resting in warmth, surrounded by sea-salted fresh air, and far away from cold winds, and snowy storms.

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