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Planning a Family Yacht Charter

Sun and sea with the family!

Organising a sailing holiday can be hard enough as it is (read our article on How to Plan a Yacht Charter) and travelling with young children requires even more preparation, but not too much to be worth it. You have to consider the ages and individual needs of your children. Once you’ve compiled a list of places to go that are desirable, you then have to move on to examining where you as the parents belong in this scenario; how will you relax and enjoy your vacation? When considering a holiday, we recommend you definitely consider taking yourself and your family on a yacht charter!

Sailing with children is an easy way for you to bask in relaxation while sharing vital family time with your loved ones. Family yacht charters provide a luxurious experience of cruising to and exploring of surrounding islands. Crewed ships provide catered services, and before bedtime, the kids can take advantage of on-board entertainment services. This offers you and your special one much-deserved time and space while you enjoy the scenery floating past.

What to pay attention to when planning a family yacht charter

When you are making your booking, confirm the ages of your children with the yacht. This allows the the captain to understand which safety measures, such as life jacket sizes, toys, day trip itineraries and crew members to include when planning your yacht charter.

Discussing safety matters beforehand is crucial, especially with all the navigational tools and buttons on a yacht that will fascinate and tempt young minds. Include a conversation on what to expect when sharing cabins, how to deal with the unsteady motion of the sea, and how at times the boat will rock slightly. Preparing for safety may also include contacting the yacht beforehand and inquiring about the installation of safety gates or other necessities to secure spaces for the kids to play in. The company may even be able to supply surveillance equipment to safely monitor different areas of the boat if so desired. Remind your children that water will always surround them, and stress the importance that they must always listen to the boat rules. With this in mind, ensure that life jackets are always readily available, that sunscreen is continually applied as the sun reflecting off the sea creates an increased chance for sunburn, and that hats are always worn!

Make sure everyone is ready

Informing your children on what life is like at sea - and how it differs from life on land - helps lower the shock factor of going from shore to boat. You may also consider sharing videos with them to provide a visual of a yacht charter.

Depending on where you are going, be sure to ask the yacht charter organiser for an itinerary that includes expeditions to nearby islands and remind them that you are sailing with children. Discuss the type of activities your family enjoys so the company can plan accordingly.

A yacht charter typically supplies an array of water toys - such as inflatables, paddleboards, water slides, and more. If you are travelling with little ones, be sure to inform the captain prior to departure, so toys suited for all ages can be supplied.

Having the right crew aboard your boat makes a major difference when you are sailing with children. Although by no means are they nannies or babysitters, the crew can entertain your children by teaching them how to tie knots, navigate the boat, and even design treasure hunts. Finding a crew that interacts well with your children helps to enhance the overall family yacht charter experience.

Family yacht charters provide the perfect adventure for you and your family to explore islands, bask in the sun, and spend quality time together in an intimate setting.

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