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The Wonders of Fishing in Phuket

The sun is fully risen and lights the crystal blue water of the Andaman Sea - the eye sees past the transparent surface and into the vast underworld. The motorboat inches through the calm waters, with a sudden jolt rocking the fisherman back and forth every so often. They sip their beers and relax in the glory of the bright daylight hues. It is the perfect day for fishing in Phuket.

Sport fishermen wait for the barracuda to bombard the outskirts of their boat, or for the wahoo fish to scurry on by - both are popular species in the Andaman Sea. They crave catching a shark or a sailfish, and when they see either of these species roaming near their boat, they are ready to throw out their line, the beer is set aside, the daylight at their backs, and their focus on the large mammal flapping its fins in the unchartered deep blue water. Big-game fishing is a sport - heart beats increase when a game fish is nearby, adrenaline mounts, and all eyes are zoned into the shark or marlin or whatever the goal catch of the day may be.

Why Phuket?

Phuket’s Andaman Sea is a sublime spot for fishermen. The sea houses thousands of species - specifically popular big-game fish. On the average day in the Andaman, fishermen see sharks, marlins, barracuda, and tuna in abundance. Sought-after sailfish are plentiful between May to November - which is low season in the tourism industry. This allows the advanced fishermen to fully bask in the glory of their sport. However, November to May, high season for tourism, is still a bonafide time to reel in other big-game fish. There is never a lack of fish to catch in the Andaman Sea.

Just a boat ride away from Phuket is Raya Yai island - a documented area for big-game fishermen. Here, game fishing increases in intensity. For instance, a fisherman once caught a 500-pound tiger shark. Amongst the tiger sharks are queenfish, dolphins, and rainbow runners. The area around Raya Yai  island is one of the best locations to spot game fish -  rivalling even the most prime areas in the Pacific. Between Phuket and Raya Yai island is an astounding amount of sailfish and marlins, which are desirable catches for game fishermen.

Raya Yai Island is a lovely place to travel to from Phuket for day trips - in addition to the fishing, it’s a fantastic swimming location swimming. Just across from Raya Yai is Kon Kare Bay and Ter Bay, which are a great source of excitement for avid snorkelers and divers due the hundreds of species that circle the landmark. Should the fishermen desire a break to wander the sandy shores - they have the option to do so. Need a beer refill? Raya Yai will provide. Family members can explore or relax on the beaches while the blue-water game fishing commences. Raya Yai can be reached via boat from one of Phuket’s many harbours. Once the day is complete and the big-game fishermen head back to Phuket, they are greeted with a plethora of other activities.

Tourism and Big-Game Fishing in Thailand

In Thailand, thousands of tourists flood Koh Phuket every year for its many aesthetic wonders - including Nai Harn Beach, sailing tours, and diving/snorkel escapades. There is no shortage of activities for fishermen in need of a day off. There are also day tours to Phi Phi, James Bond Island or the Coral islands. All these surrounding islands have variety of fish to see - whether through the goggles of a snorkeler or the eyes of the big game fishermen.

The Thailand Department of Fisheries promotes sustainable development, which benefits the hotels, restaurants, and fishermen. Large quantities of fish taken from the sea at once ruin the reputations of restaurants who promote fresh fish. The taste of fish newly taken from the sea is attractive to tourists, which profits restaurants who deliver the promise of delicious seafood dish. Keeping most fish in the sea allows fish to continue with their reproduction cycle, without this fish would become distinct - ruining the careers and lifestyles of several fishermen and businesses.

The Andaman Sea is is a popular place for fishermen and tourists alike. The luscious blue waters touch the shorelines of Thailand and Burma - beneath the surface swim tiger sharks, sailfish, marlins, tuna, rainbow runners, dolphins, queen fish, and barracudas, to name a few. The copious amount of fish species gliding through the waters around Phuket make the island one of the best areas for fishing in Thailand. On days off, big-game fishermen are able to explore the beautiful sights of Phuket and its surrounding islands. Phuket is an ideal spot for both tourists and game fishermen - tourists are able to try out game fishing and hardcore game fishermen are able to indulge their love for the sport, alongside a generous helping of other tourist activities. Fishing in Phuket is a highly-recommended activity to consider when travelling in Thailand.

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