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Koh Ha

Koh Ha, or Five Islands in Thai, is exactly that: a stunner of a natural wonder made up of five limestone islets crowned with evergreen trees and grass, located in the Andaman Sea just an hour away from Koh Lanta. The Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park, covering 134 sq kms of marine treasure and adventure, including the Ko Ha islands, is the perfect addition to your sailing holiday, delighting sailors, snorkelers and divers alike. Bringing a kayak and spending an exquisite day paddling around underwater caves, shallow coral reefs and exploring the stunning hidden lagoon is enough reason alone to charter a yacht to Koh Ha.

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The underwater caves are especially spectacular when the sun’s rays spark off the stones, touching  the water in every direction. You will see underwater pinnacles, caverns, swim-throughs and walls, making this the ultimate playground for SCUBA divers and even snorkelers in Thailand. Don’t miss the huge and popular cavern dubbed the Koh Ha Cathedral. For the more experienced there is the chimney, a vertical tunnel starting at 5m depth, opening back up at 16 meters and decorated with tons of coral and fish. Tuck in your hoses and breathe out for a truly Alice in Wonderland experience. Keep your eyes open for manta rays, sea snakes, lionfish, sea snakes, and even whale sharks, to name a few. The best underwater visibility is between October and June. If you are thinking about visiting Koh Ha then renting a yacht and spending a day or two is the most comfortable way to get the most out of your visit to this stunning spot.

Lay back on the deck and gaze at the limestone karsts towering out of the calm blue water, with birds nesting on the rock face, and sail around the islets to get the full 360-degree view of the stretching turquoise sea. At medium to low tide, you might even jump onto the small beach and sunbathe on the powder white sand. Sunset BBQ is highly recommended. Don’t forget your camera — you’re bound to sail away with amazing experiences and unbelievable photographs!




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