Koh Lipe

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Koh Lipe

Until recently, Koh Lipe was a quiet secret amongst visitors. It was known by few but loved by those who were able to discover the two pristine shorelines and admire the lush jungle. But since word of the sublime settings lining Koh Lipe’s coast spread, the island has seen a development in construction. Though the new buildings have not stolen Lipe’s tranquil scenery. Koh Lipe is still empowered by its mysterious beauty.

Visitors hoping to charter a yacht to Koh Lipe are probably best departing from Phuket, Krabi or Koh lanta. Though not the closest spots, they compromise their lack of proximity with their much larger selection of boats . For those looking to stay overnight, Koh Lipe offers a selection of stunning beach side resorts targeted towards a flashy upscale crowd. Guests in hotels along Sunrise beach can thrill to a glorious sunrise if they wake early enough.

Just beyond the soft white sand of the island’s main beaches (Sunrise, Sunset and Pattaya), swimmers and snorkelers can discover a sweeping undersea wonderland with a plethora of multi-colored fish darting in and out of the coral reef. Snorkeling gear and diving equipment are provided in shops around the island. Wannabe divers may connect with one of the many well-equipped diving companies, who will happily guide you to nearby locations such as Yong Hua Shipwreck and 8 Mile Rock.

Over recent years, dining choices have increased across the island. Relaxed restaurants offer a variety of options that will satisfy anyone’s  post-dive and post-snorkeling cravings. From seafood restaurants and Western delights to tangy Indian dishes and of course savoury and spicy Thai meals, there is something for  every visitor.

You can easily walk around this small island in half a day or less and you may even discover a secretive beach or two. Koh Lipe, although developing, remains an alluring place for travelers to spend a day. For those looking for a pure relaxing beach day that includes snorkeling and diving the island is the place to go. Rounding up a yacht charter on Koh Lipe is a great way to experience one of the many natural wonders of Thailand and end a sailing holiday with a climax..


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