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The Racha Islands are known for their sublime snorkeling and diving opportunities. With Phuket nearby, they have become popular with travellers interested in escaping the endless hustle and bustle in Phuket and exploring a smaller island. There are two main islands grouped with the Racha archipelago: Racha Yai and Racha Noi. Travellers love to take day tours from Phuket to Racha, especially those keen on plunging into the deep waters and swimming with the fishes. It’s location, close to the south of the island, is the reason people love sailing to Racha from Phuket, either as a day trip or as part of a multi day charter as they pass heading south or west.

Racha Yai has a coveted bay called Ao Bungalow, shaped like a horseshoe with a white sand beach tucked in between two massive fauna-covered boulders. The perfect place to park up Just off the pristine white shores visitors can explore the underwater scenery. The beach is a great way to spend a day experiencing a scenery different than Phuket. Along the shores there are select fine dining options to appease your hunger after a day of sailing and adventuring.

Travellers seeking an upscale overnight place to stay can pick the 5-star resort on Racha Yai, with swanky, high-class restaurants where visitors can take their loved one for some outstanding cuisine. Be sure to reserve a table ahead as some restaurants can get quite busy. Visiting the resort and dining by moonlight at one of these restaurants is a great way to complete a day out at sea.

As the day ends, you can enjoy a quiet seaside sunset and/or a lovely glass of wine and/or cocktail. The unpolluted island allows for a wonderful atmosphere for observing the sky ablaze with a million stars and constellations.

Ao Siam bay on the northern end Racha Yai is where travellers can experience a quiet walk and meander. Off of the beach is another sublime snorkelling opportunity to gaze at stunning coral reefs. If the weather becomes too warm, get yourself some cold drinks on the beach. Fresh and cooling coconut water is recommended.

Racha Noi, with no hotels or tours, is mainly focussed on the surrounding dive sights. The deep waters around Racha Noi are more intense and best suited for experienced divers. Here, divers will have the chance to swim with a variety of marine life such as manta rays.

Koh Racha is known for its sheer waters which makes for a fantastic snorkeling experience as the fish are easily seen. Though Racha Noi is small and with few activities, the waters around the island are a prime location for advanced divers. Racha Yai is a wonderful way to explore new sights as your yacht cuts through the sea.


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