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Koh Samui

Koh Samui, once a hub for hippies, is today a Mecca for tourists, backpackers and luxury vacationers. Around the 1960s and 70s, when the first backpackers discovered it, Koh Samui was a simple place to relax in a pristine environment with unspoiled beaches. As word of the island’s rich resources from fruits to fish to natural wonders got around, the island developed into a beacon for travelers. Today, with its sumptuous seaside resorts, fine dining options, hikes, snorkelling spots and beachside cocktails, chartering a yacht in Koh Samui and sailing to Ang Thong Marine Park or any of the other surrounding sailing destinations is an awesome idea.

The two most popular crowd-pullers on Koh Samui are Chaweng, the town that never sleeps, and the quieter, quainter but more cheerful Lamai. Consider Chaweng if you want to live lavishly but still not far from where all the fun and action is. Chaweng Beach has nearly everything from great food to massages, cocktails and watersports. The nearby amenities makes for a leisurely day, unmarred by worries of where to eat or where to drink because everything is within reach. If a beach day isn’t relaxing enough, visitors can always check in to a relaxing spa and massage centre and fully bask in the awe of their vacation. Within proximity there is a water park filled with massive inflatable devices, making it a fun family activity.

In Lamai, with less crowded beaches, classy resort hotels, great dining and stunning snorkelling opportunities, you will find Silver Beach with its bouldered moonscape, and green, moss-covered rocks around coves with white sand shores and aquamarine waters. Lamai, like Chaweng, has a waterpark with waterslides and also a bungee trampoline, zip-lining, go karts and bumper boats.

Do consider also staying in the quieter Choeng Mon beach, with fewer but more upscale resorts. Vacationers who choose to stay in Choeng Mon have relaxation in mind. The private beaches and classy restaurants keep the guests happy. The menus are filled with fine dining options and the beaches are quiet, allowing guests to forget their work stresses and worries. Guests are able to reach a more thai-influenced area nearby, where they can experience a glimpse of the culture of the country they are residing in. Choeng Mon is a beautiful area to stay simply for its invitation to completely leave past worries behind and relax, however there are options to venture outwards and experience more of the surrounding area.

For adventurers interested in wandering through trails twisting amongst lush trees, consider taking a day or half-day to climb one of the many trails in Samui. The Na Muang trek is a short walk to a beautiful waterfall and travellers can cool off in a natural swimming pool. Souvenir and small food shops are available near the waterfall. Off Lamai there is a guided hike, “Samui Trekking” where hikers can learn about the history of Thailand, the surrounding forest, and can oversee beaches in Lamai. The guides are friendly and informative. The trek ends in the highest point in Koh Samui.

Koh Samui has something for every kind of traveller — whether they are looking for  sheer luxury, diversity of local food and experience, or sheer outdoor thrills and adventure. The one-time  hippie village has come a long way — it is now an unforgettable tourist attraction, abounding in maritime and other wonders, snorkelling opportunities, family-friendly water parks, high-class resorts and some of the best dining in Thailand. It is a great place to stay before and after traveller’s rent a yacht.


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