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A veritable limestone playground.

Krabi, Thailand sits on the eastern shore of the andaman sea. With the distance between phuket and krabi only being around 60km, you get all the beauty of Phuket with a lot less tourist traffic than that which the busy international airport of Phuket brings. The prices of everything tends to be cheaper too. So the luxury hotels Krabi has to offer are going to set you back less than you would expect to pay in Phuket.

Your average Krabi resort will provide a higher standard of relaxation than the busy island of Phuket. If you were wondering exactly where to stay in Krabi then we recommend clicking around a few of the big accommodation websites and reading the reviews before making a booking. Ao Nang is the most touristic part, with a variety of restaurants and bars to keep you fed and entertained. Meanwhile, around the corner, the neighboring bays of Tonsai and Railay beach provide more of a getaway experience and the perfect place to prepare for your andaman cruise.

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Thanks to the the vast amount of nearby stunning islands chartering a yacht in Krabi and setting sail on an island hopping adventure is an absolute pleasure. Poda island is just a quick hop from the mainland while Koh Hong island and the surrounding isles dotted around it are abound with enough lagoons, beaches and caves to appease even the most avid explorer. Sailing Krabi really is an amazing experience for people from all walks of life and if you really want to experience Krabi, private boat tours are the way forward.

With the dry season bringing flat waters to Krabi, watersports like wakeboarding and kitesurfing are a dream and even though the Krabi fishing scene is nowhere near as big or competitive as it is in Phuket, that doesn’t mean you can’t head out and catch the same fish in just as much abundance. the Snorkeling in Krabi national park is also considered a must while visiting the area.

The scenic trip from Krabi to Phi Phi Island delivers you to one of the most famous and beautiful sets of islands in the world. Unfortunately, thanks to the turn of the millennium film bringing Maya bay to the forefront of the paradise seekers minds, the beach can be massively over crowded these days, but it’s still an absolute gem.

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Depart Krabi sailing south and you’ll be leaving the brimming tourist beaches for capacious seas brimming with uncrowded bays to be explored. The large land mass of Koh Lanta will be the first to cross your path. Bordering the sea with vast, quiet beaches and chilled resorts.

East of Lanta is a small group of islands called Koh Ha, this tiny group of islands is inhabited only by national park rangers and the occasional boat to moor up for the night. It’s lonely, pristine waters, hidden caves and reefs that seemingly extend forever make this by far the best spot in the area.

Continue further south and you’ll enter the province of Satun. Home to the stunning and lesser visited islands of Koh Adang, Koh Tarutao, Koh Hai, Ko Kradan and most famously, Koh Lipe. The lack of tourist traffic this far south makes these islands perfect for those looking to get away from it all and really experience nature.

If you're not fussed about fancy restaurants, extravagant resorts and the naughty nightlife that Phuket has to offer. Instead, preferring a laid back atmosphere with a more traditional Thailand feel, while still having access to most of the same aquatic adventure playgrounds, then Krabi might just be the perfect for you to rent a yacht. Nearly all boats based in Phuket will happily come pick you up as well, so you don't even have to sacrifice choice! 


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