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Pattaya, a sublime city which lines the shores of the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, has morphed into a sumptuous area with aesthetic views, fine dining, and a plethora of entertaining activities for families, groups, couples, and lone travelers alike. Renting a yacht in Pattaya is the most popular choice for those wanting to explore the islands North of the Gulf like Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Koh Larn and the aptly named Monkey Island (Koh Klet Kaew).

Residing in Pattaya gives travelers a splash of the true wonders of Thailand, especially when basking on the darling sandy beaches that overlook the azure sea. Activities in both the day and night are unlimited, from sharpening your golf swing on fresh green and visiting the massive Philosophy of Truth infrastructure, to relaxing beneath the sun rays before an adventurous nightlife experience in one of Pattaya’s many 5-star resorts is a lovely way to ease in and out of a luxurious sailing holiday.

Daily activities in Pattaya

A fun way to begin a brand new day in warm and sunny Pattaya is by challenging yourself to the waterslide at the Ramayana waterpark. At the park, travellers can choose to rev up the endorphin rush on the rides or simply to relax on the pristine private beach or by the deep-blue pool waters.

Visitors eager to hone their golf skills in the warm air are in luck because Pattaya is one of the most popular places to golf in Thailand due to its number of scenic courses. The influx of golfers from Thailand and abroad has encouraged Pattaya to increase its swankiness through the construction of high-class resorts and restaurants.

An eye-opening place to visit in Pattaya is the Philosophy of Truth infrastructure. The premise of the artistic and unique structure was created without the influence of religion, and was formed as a pure celebration of philosophy and art. Travellers keen on viewing a rare and peculiar site while experiencing a glimpse of inner peace should take the time to explore the Philosophy of Truth.

Those interested in exploring new sights can travel to the Pattaya Viewpoint to be eye-to-eye with sleek skyscrapers lining the brim of the turquoise sea. Overlooking Pattaya, visitors are able to see the developed landscape of what was once a fishing village only 60 years ago.

Many extravagant resorts, shopping options and restaurants border Pattaya Beach. Shoppers interested in purchasing designer outfits should not miss a visit to Central Festival mall. Along with a vast clothes selection, there are also several fine dining restaurants available for a mid-shopping meal. The mall is also equipped with a movie theater! It’s a great way for visitors to escape the sun for a few hours. Outside of the mall and surrounding Pattaya Beach are a variety of restaurants where travelers are able to please their inner cravings and indulge in a vast selection of gourmet dishes. Options range from delicate French cuisines and hearty American meals to savory Indian dishes and a selection of authentic Thai eateries. Pattaya’s classy theme is also reflected in its range of  hotels, in which guests can relax and rejuvenate in luxury.. The more lavish hotels are equipped with high-end restaurants and bars which only elevate the overall vacation vibe.

Listening to the sound of waves rolling against the shoreline while sun-bathing on one of the sandy beaches is another relaxing way to spend a day. This long stretch of beach is divided into a southern and a northern end. Those desiring a day away from the spiritedness of the south may prefer the northern end, where the whispers of nature are more prominent than constant entertainment and activity. Near the northern side of Pattaya Beach is Wong Amat beach, a clean and secluded strip of sand set in a quiet area. A popular place for avid visitors  is Beach Road where bars offer a shaded shelter with cool cocktails and beer.

Once the sun sinks into the sea and stars begin to dot the dark sky, Walking Street becomes a hot spot. The atmosphere is lively and colourful, the streets are lit and the bars are open in full swing. If loud streets and vibrant lights are not of interest, fret not - there are options to lounge in ritzy bars allowing customers to feel more relaxed than an evening on Walking Street.   

The luxury continues on from a yachting adventure with Pattaya’s trendy resorts, plethora of hot dining spots, relaxing golf excursions, and hours of sunbathing. The beginning and end of a sailing holiday feels complete after spending time on Wong Amat beach, the water park, and the unique Philosophy of Truth infrastructure… but don’t hesitate to continue your explorations in this vibrant city!


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