Similan Islands

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Similan Islands

The Andaman Sea is several shades of turquoise blue with vibrant marine life. The salted waters stretch from the hull of your boat and touch the white beaches of the Similan Islands - an archipelago of nine islands. Unlike Phuket or Koh Phi Phi, highly-populated landmarks located on the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands have begun placing a limit upon the construction of hotels and resorts. Without the bombardment of resorts, hotels, and restaurants seen by most touristed parts of Thailand, the focus of the similan islands stays with the natural surroundings. Snorkelling and diving are extremely popular due to the vast creatures of the sea ranging from the small all the way up to the big stuff like whale sharks and manta rays. There are trails leading to viewpoints and small beaches, and flying in the sky are beautiful birds. The natural wonders of the Similan Islands is possibly the best that Thailand has to offer.


Out of the group of nine, only two are allowed to be touched by tourists - Ko Miang and Ko Similan. Both islands offer accommodation for those who fancy a night sleeping on something more solid, but don’t expect anything too fancy!

On Ko Miang, there are a few sleeping options, some locations being more rural, and adventurous and the other for the more luxurious traveller. The options include bungalows and cottages overlooking the sea, these are also equipped with air conditioning, electricity, and hot water showers. If you are adventurous and prefer to experience a night amidst the soil of the earth, choose to stay in the camouflage tents. The community of tents invites you to enjoy an evening with other travellers, or you can meander to the beach, which is only a short walk away. Camping is also offered on Ko Similan.


The white beaches and colourful marine life are highlights for both locations. On Ko Miang, the main beach sits on the side where the campsites and bungalows are placed, and where the daily tour boats drop of the visitors - the north side. Walk either direction on the beach and you will reach a rockier surface, where snorkelers delight in the vast number of colourful fish swimming below their goggles.

At the top of Ko Miang is a stunning viewpoint. The trail is short - around 15 minutes - and built with slight quirks such as, ladders and ropes that help you climb the terrain. When you reach the top, you will be enveloped by quietness and a viewpoint that overlooks the emerald sea.

Ko Similan offers a few trails worth exploring - one follows a trail to a unique rock designed by nature that resembles Donald Duck, which sits on a small mountain. The beaches on Ko Similan are similar to Ko Miang - sandy, white and rich in luxurious sights.

The most popular escapade when visiting the Similan archipelago is diving. Divers will see the abundance of coral reef lining the sand at the bottom of the sea, which is complemented by the vast species of fish patrolling the edges. The seagrasses and algae ignite the fish with life, and add to the fascinating variety of colours of the underwater world. There are plenty of lively places to dive near the Similan Islands, such as East of Eden, Deep Six, and Anita's Reef.

The Similan Islands invites visitors willing to escape the busy resort lifestyle and rest in the true wonders of nature - whether you are collecting images from below the surface, travelling through ropes and ladders to reach fantastical viewpoints, or simply relaxing on deck, taking in the landscape and watching the birds fly overhead. A cruise around the Similan Islands is nothing but a positive experience.


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