Tarutao National Park

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Tarutao National Park

Three archipelagos of 51 islands make up Tarutao National Park, a picturesque landscape of jungles, beaches, and sea. The name is derived from a Malay word meaning “old, mysterious and primitive”, apt given its dark history of prisoners and pirates. Today however, it is one of Thailand’s most unspoilt destinations, abundant in beaches, diving sites, jungles, marine life, and everything that makes a vacation unforgettable.  

The park is divided in two, with the Tarutao Group to the east and Adang-Rawi Group to the west. Together, they spread over an expansive 1,490 square kilometres. Since the various islands are fairly undeveloped, chartering a yacht in Tarutao National Park is basically essential to ensure that visitors will always have a reliable home-base and the familiar comforts of luxury. This also allows them to freely explore various landmarks and hotspots with ease.

Popular destinations like Koh Lipe draw crowds of tourists but there is more seclusion and privacy in places like Koh Tarutao, the biggest island in the park. Here, visitors can safely moor up their rented boat at the pier and go explore the wildlife by trekking or cycling through its thick jungle. Ko Adang also features some great hiking trails and viewpoints. An alternative is to stop halfway at Ko Khai to enjoy a fantastic day at the beach with its distinctive arch formation.

Other not-to-be-missed highlights include great dive sites, the Crocodile Cave, and the Pantaemaraka Gulf with its distinct pine trees. Some islands are closed during certain times of the year, so be sure to check before you rent a yacht to Tarutao!


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