Catamaran Charter in Chumphon

Chumphon is a coffee producing province found halfway between Bangkok and Phuket, wedged in between Myanmar and the Gulf of Thailand. Though here has been an increase in tourism in the last few years, it is definitely still considered a very low key destination for tourists. Mostly used for transit to the Gulf islands like Koh phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

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About Catamarans

Catamarans make the perfect vessels for a relaxing adventure at sea.  They have many advantages of a standard, monohull yacht. The main advantage for someone wanting to charter a boat for leisure is their stability in the water. The larger a boat's beam (width), the less it moves in waves. This makes for a smoother cruise, less sea sickness and makes activities such as cooking a whole lot easier whether moving or on anchor.

The width also makes for greater floor space up top. Less squeezing past other people and more room to spread out. With the majority of the living space being kept above sea level, catamarans also feel more open and receive more ambient light while still being shaded.  Most catamarans features a giant net towards the front, between the two hulls. This acts like a giant hammock, perfect for lounging. The distance between hulls also adds to the privacy of the cabins and heads contained within them, perfect if your travel buddy snores.

A monohull vessel gains its stability with a weighted keel, normally lead, on the bottom of the hull to maintain its upright position. This adds weight to the boat and pulls it down further into the water. Catamarans do not require this. The result of this is a boat that sinks less into the water. This means that catamarans can get closer to the beach and into shallower waters, where coral tends to thrive.

The shallow draft and weight saving of not having a keel also benefits the performance side of things. With less friction in the water, catamarans can generally travel faster and are more fuel efficient. This means less time travelling and more time at your desired destinations.

Nearly all catamarans have 2 engines, one for each hull. Individual control of each engine gives enhance maneuverability for docking and tieing off to a buoy line. This also provides redundancy in case of mechanical problem  of one engine, meaning your not left dead in the see because of an engine failure.


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