Speedboat Charter in Ranong

This small city on the border of Burma has is almost untouched by tourism, making it a quiet and quaint place to visit. Most foreigners spotted here are just passing through on boarder runs to prolong their stay in Thailand. The main reason to charter a yacht in Ranong, other than the surin and similan islands, is to reach the Mergui Archipelago. An absolutely breathtaking and almost untouched group of islands just to the west of Burma.

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About Speedboats


If you want to make the most of your time at sea and spend less time travelling and more time at paradise locations then a speedboat is the way to go.

Speed boats also add a degree of excitement to the trip as the boat glides across glassy waters and skips over waves. If you ask nicely, the captain may even throw in some sharp turns to get the heart racing.

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